SQFT Studios Designs,
Fabricates, and Installs Custom
Home Studios and ADUs


Born out of a passion for Superior Design and Building Science, SQFT Studios is the
Architect of the Home Studio


Create spaces where people can create greatness

Schuyler Silva
Co-Founder, Chief Operations Officer

A fabrication expert, Schuyler has spent 14 years building everything from custom vehicles to treehouses. Through his experience, he has discovered a passion for building science; building sustainable, comfortable, and healthy dwellings.

Eli Green
Co-Founder, Director of Design

An Architect licensed in the state of Oregon, Eli has been designing sustainable work spaces for over 10 years. He is constantly melding his eye for design with his passion for sustainable buildings to achieve a lasting impact.

SQFT Studios exercises its Values
with each and every Home Studio we create.


Always be creating; objects, ideas, memories, friends, greatness.


The old adage, “Do it right the first time” still applies today.


“Do what you say you’ll do. Don’t cheat. Don’t lie.” -Mom


Leave this world cleaner and better than you found it.


Don’t be a stale old fart.


Treat everyone (client, employee, vendor, and self) with kindness, understanding, and gratitude.

Love what you do

We are passionate about what we do and love working with others who are equally passionate.

SQFT Studios became the answer to our problems – [My husband] Jason needed a bigger, more private space to do his photography work and meet with clients, and our small house was not going to cut it anymore. A casual conversation with Schuyler turned into creative, yet functional building plans, and these hard-working gentlemen hit the ground running. They had the structure built in less than a month, and we are so happy with the result. Schuyler and Eli are professional, determined, and personable, and we feel lucky to have found them.

-Megan Quigley
Home Studio Owner