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SQFT Studios is a Design-Build Firm
Specializing in
ADUs and Home Studios

Home Studios



the place (such as a house or apartment) where a person lives


\ˈstü-dē-(ˌ)ō, ˈstyü-\

the building or room where an artist works

A Home Studio is a detached accessory structure with 1-2 rooms. It can serve myriad purposes for work, play, and/or hospitality. Designed with your specific use in mind, but flexible enough to evolve with you. Warm, comfortable, beautiful, and efficient.

Writing den. Home office. Drawing studio. Paint studio. Sculpture studio. Glass studio. Pottery studio. Photography studio. Dark room. Recording studio. Conference room. Body work studio. Aesthetician salon. Knitting room. Sewing room. Quilting room. Craft studio. Woodworking shop. Bicycle shop. Sound studio. Design studio. Gaming room. Yoga studio. Home gym. Man cave. She shed. Cabana. Pool house. Cigar room. Bar. Home brewery. Home distillery. Movie screening room. Library. Poker room. Band room. Play room. Detached bedroom. Guest house.

What will yours be?


Meets or exceeds Current Oregon Residential Specialty Code
Advanced framing employed with a modular design
FSC Certified materials
Low or No VOC Interior Finishes
Full electrical service
50-year standing seam metal roof
Integrated Energy Recovery Ventilator


Interior Layout
Siding materials and finishes
Interior finishes
Doors & Windows, including Layout
Heating & Cooling
Roof (Living Roof, Solar Panels)
Renewable Energy Integration


See below examples for pricing.
These spaces qualify for home equity or business loans.
Add equity to your property for less than a car payment.
Ask us about financing resources.

ADU & Home Studio Examples

We Provide Full Design & Build
Services for ADUs

1-Bedroom ADU


Our 1-Bedroom ADU provides the ability to have guests over without intruding on the tenants sleeping space. When considering to build an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), it is important to think about the intended use. For example, with a long-term rental, providing a dedicated bedroom space adds lots of value; both to the homeowner as well as the tenant. This allows for both private and public spaces within the home. Our 1-Bedroom ADU also features a full kitchen, perfect for the home chef and entertainer. 1-Bedrooms will typically get higher rental value over Studio ADUs as well.    

Estimated average cost:
Monthly Payment (15 year/3.92%): $1,030-$1,398

Compact ADU Studio


Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are very popular right now as they add incredible value to your property. For those looking for a stand-alone dwelling, our Compact ADU Home Studio provides a full kitchen, full bathroom, along with plenty of room for sleeping, eating, and entertaining. This ADU is perfectly sized to sit within the side and rear setbacks and avoids conformity/design requirements (when built within Portland city limits). With our ADU, you can maximize your property’s value by creating an income generating dwelling right in your own backyard. Perfect for short- or long-term rental.    

Estimated average cost:
Monthly Payment (15 year/3.92%): $956-$1,177

ADU Quick Start Guide for Portland

Free Download

Here at SQFT Studios, our clients ask us a lot of questions about ADUs. Through years of experience and following the industry, we have compiled a list of questions and answers to determine what, where, when, why, and how to build an ADU on your site! This is a simple two-page document will help you determine the next steps in your ADU journey. Simply fill out the form below to download your free copy of our ADU Quick Start Guide for Portland.

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Here are some examples to inspire you for your own custom Home Studio

Guest Suite


The perfect solution for the perennial hosts. Tailored specifically for guests, our Guest Suite Home Studio provides a private, quiet, and comfortable space for friends and family, Airbnb guests, or even as a long-term rental. Our innovative compact design maximizes each square foot while adding a 100% legal bedroom and bathroom to your property. With the simple use of a wall bed or even removing the bed all together provides a versatile, multi-use space, proving the space can evolve with you.

Estimated average cost:
Monthly Payment (15 year/3.92%): $552-$662

Home Office


Working from home is a growing trend and is gaining speed with the acceptance of technologies like telecommuting and cloud hosting. As workers stay home, new challenges arise like distractions from family, chores, fun, or being able to stop work and enjoy being home. A detached Home Office is a great way to separate your work-life from your home-life. A Home Office can be placed in your yard (even your front yard!) to provide a dedicated, comfortable space to work. Built with the future in mind, these flexible spaces can easily be converted to Guest Suites, Detached Bedrooms, or even ADUs down the road.
“Honey, I’m going to the office!”

Estimated average cost:
Monthly Payment (15 year/3.92%): $515-$736

Editing Suite/Garden Shed


Designed for a work-from-home photographer, husband, and father of two, this Editing Suite is the perfect solution to provide a tranquil and efficient work space. The glazing was placed on the North side of the building with a continuous blackout curtain which allows for a complete dark room for proper color correction. Its attached garden shed with ramp allows storage for a lawnmower, yard tools, and bikes for the whole family.

The Maker Space


We are all creators. All creators need space, and a curated space for their craft is essential, including space for materials, tools, and workstations. Whether you are a bike mechanic, a fashion designer, an artist, or massage therapist, having a specific place to practice your craft is essential for creativity.

Estimated average cost:
Monthly Payment (15 year/3.92%): $368-$515

Custom Design Services

Sometimes a higher level of customization is required. Whether it is due to site restrictions, design requirements, or code compliance, we will work with you to design the perfect dwelling. Our process starts with a free consultation and includes a site survey, design schematics, construction documents, and permitting.

Highly Competitive Design Rate:
$7,500.00 retainer


The 5 step process to
create your own Home Studio

Step 1: Consultation

The first step to owning your own Home Studio starts by contacting us. We come to your property, evaluate the site, and discuss your future Home Studio in regards to your needs. Every Home Studio is designed with the owner and the intended use in mind. We discuss all the options with you as well; such as size, door and window options, and siding, among others.

Step 2: Design/Configure

Once we fully understand your and your needs for a Home Studio, we get right to work designing the perfect space for you. Using the latest in computer aided drafting tools, we generate a full 3D rendering to help communicate the design. During this phase, we work with you and refine our design to ensure the perfect Home Studio for you.

Step 3: Fabrication

Upon final design approval, we move directly into fabrication. Due to our proprietary modular system, a majority of the structure is built in our shop. This helps to ensure high quality and efficiency of materials and labor (which helps to keep costs down). We build our wall panels and roof sections as well as pre-cut and prepare many other components. Once complete, we load everything on a truck and prep it for delivery to the site.

Step 4: Installation

This step is kept to a minimum due to our proprietary modular system. Our installation lasts weeks (rather than months) to reduce the impact on the daily life of the owner. The foundation is set, followed by running electrical to the site. The floor and walls are erected, the roof goes on, windows, doors, siding, electrical. It all goes fairly quickly. It wraps up with painting and installation of fixtures. Finally, we clean up and move out so that you can move in.

Step 5: Move in

Now it’s your turn to build, to make,to host, to craft, to create. This space has been custom created just for you to create greatness.


Born out of a passion for
Superior Design and Building Science,
SQFT Studios is the
Architect of the Home Studio


Create Spaces Where People Create Greatness

Schuyler Silva
Co-Founder, Chief Operations Officer

A fabrication expert, Schuyler has spent his professional career building everything from custom vehicles to treehouses. Through his experience, he has discovered a passion for building science; building sustainable, comfortable, and healthy dwellings.

Eli Green
Co-Founder, Director of Design

An Architect licensed in the state of Oregon, Eli has been designing sustainable work spaces for over 10 years. He is constantly melding his eye for design with his passion for sustainable buildings to achieve a lasting impact.

SQFT Studios exercises its Values
with each and every Home Studio we create.


Always be creating; objects, ideas, memories, friends, greatness.


The old adage, “Do it right the first time” still applies today.


“Do what you say you’ll do. Don’t cheat. Don’t lie.” -Mom


Leave this world cleaner and better than you found it.


Don’t be a stale old fart.


Treat everyone (client, employee, vendor, and self) with kindness, understanding, and gratitude.

Love what you do

We are passionate about what we do and love working with others who are equally passionate.



“SQFT Studios became the answer to our problems – [My husband] Jason needed a bigger, more private space to do his photography work and meet with clients, and our small house was not going to cut it anymore. A casual conversation with Schuyler turned into creative, yet functional building plans, and these hard-working gentlemen hit the ground running. They had the structure built in less than a month, and we are so happy with the result. Schuyler and Eli are professional, determined, and personable, and we feel lucky to have found them.”

Home Studio Owner


“Our ADU is beautiful. Everyone who has seen it has something nice to say about it. The design process with SQFT’s architect, Eli Green, though conducted remotely, was still intimate, accessible, and thoughtful. It never felt rushed, and he addressed even our smallest concerns in order to give us the product that we wanted. Eli Green and Schuyler Silva were both committed to our vision for the project, and they take pride in what they build while maintaining an interest in our personal needs. Thank you, SQFT Studios.”

ADU Owner


“I was really impressed with the quality of your work. Everywhere I looked, things were done ‘as they should be.’ In the few small cases where something needed fixing, you took care of it promptly and cheerfully, which is a value I really respect in people I’ve hired to do things for me. In particular, I have to say, the carpentry is second to none.”

Home Studio Owner


“The SQFT Studios team have provided us with a space that is functional, sturdy, stylish, and beloved by our short-term rental guests. We look forward to one day spending the night in it ourselves when there is a vacancy!”

Home Studio Owner


“Possibly the nicest, coolest place we have EVER stayed, this cabin in incredible! … So much character, would go back to Portland just to stay here again :)”
“The fir cabin was an amazing experiences for my first time using Airbnb… Definitely made our trip to Portland memorable by staying at this tiny home.”
“Great airbnb! Overall, a cute space with everything you could need.”
“Cutest place with all the fixings! … Such a great place to stay and will definitely be back!”

Airbnb Home Studio Guests


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