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SQFT Studios shares some if its favorite inspiring projects from around the world

We’re constantly drawing inspiration from around the world. There are many innovative buildings out there being used for all sorts of purposes. Below are just some of our inspirations at SQFT Studios.

Forest Office Cube – Peter Daniel Frazier

Peter Daniel Frazier is a work at home professional in Bellingham, Washington. Being set in the picturesque area of Chuckanut Bay, Frazier designed himself an office that blurs the line between manmade and nature. The open wall facing the bay that opens onto a deck provides a seamless portal between the two.

“I designed my office to be as unobtrusive as possible, to be an uncluttered work space, a guest house that keeps ’em coming back, and an inspired meditation room. It has a green roof so when we see the structure from the house it fits into the forest.” – Peter Daniel Frazier


Rolling Huts – Olson Kundig

Simple, clean design is the hardest to achieve. The firm of Olson Kundig achieved it through its design of a “herd” of rolling cabins to house guests. Plain, durable materials were used such as plywood, cork, and car-decking to minimize maintenance and reduce overall cost.

The cabins are elevated to allow the plains to continue to grow uninterrupted. The glazed wall is oriented towards the mountains bringing the outside in. Again, the lines are blurred from inside to outside. This is also achieved by not only having 200sqft of interior space, but 240sqft of covered decking outside.


Llano Exit Strategy AKA “Bestie Row”

Built by a group of 4 couple friends, the Llano Exit Strategy is a group of 4 – 400sqft cabins and a large, 1,500sqft main structure. Each cabin acts as a large, private studio with a restroom and small kitchenette. The main structure houses a large kitchen and dining area as well as accommodations for additional guests.
This is a great implementation of the cottage community model. The model is composed of small homes clustered together with a centrally located common house for large group activities. The cottage community model breeds tight-knit communities. Most end up being multi-generational and have near-ritualistic community events.


Block Island Family Retreat – Jens Risom

Natural and comfortable, Jens Risom built his dreamy prefabricated cabin in 1968 and it has stood as a testament to what can be done with simple natural materials. Open space and practical functionality set this cabin apart from most prefabricated buildings, and it continues to inspire us today in our design.

While this structure emerged from Jens’ roots in Copenhagen, we feel it resonating in our design for the Pacific Northwest.


The Gamble House – Greene & Greene

The pinnacle of the Craftsman Movement is the Gamble House designed by Greene & Greene in 1908. The movement celebrates natural materials and detailed, handmade, construction inspired by Japanese construction and temples.


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