About Schuyler Silva

Schuyler Silva is the co-founder and COO of SQFT Studios. A fabrication expert, Schuyler lives and breathes building methods, products, and tools.

Virtual Tour: Guest Suite

Virtual Tour Guest Suite Just the other day, we did a blog post about a Virtual Tour of our 1-Bedroom ADU. Well, due to popular demand, we've now had our Airbnb-famous Guest Suite scanned with the Matterport scanner! These Matterport scans provide us a communication tool to convey our work [...]

Design Week Portland 2018

Design Week Portland 2018 SQFT Studios Open House April 19th, 4-7PM It's that time of year again! Design Week Portland is coming up fast. This year, we're proud to host an Open House for the 3rd year in a row! New this year: we've decided to host our [...]

Virtual Tour: 1 Bedroom ADU

Virtual Tour 1 Bedroom ADU We've recently completed the build of a 1 bedroom ADU in NE Portland. Now this post is not necessarily about the ADU (though it is cool). This post is about the above virtual tour. We constantly get asked by potential clients if they can see [...]

2018 The Year of the ADU?

ADU Update for 2018 Will 2018 be the year of the ADU or will the SDC Waiver Expire? The Portland ADU Service Development Charge (SDC) fee waiver is set to expire this summer. This wavier can save people who build an ADU up to $17,000 and has been in place [...]

2017 in Review: Phew, what a year!

2017 Year in Review Phew, what a year! Can you believe another year has come and gone? Can you believe how much has happened? Here at SQFT Studios, we're stunned by how much has changed for us over the last year. We wanted to take stock of all [...]


Join the SQFT Studios Team! SQFT Studios LLC is a small, fast growing, Design/Build company in Portland, Oregon specializing in Home Studios and ADUs. Our passion for building science has led us to use a proprietary modular construction system that allows for a wide range of customization while [...]


The 5 step process to Create your own Home Studio Step 1: Consultation The first step to owning your own Home Studio starts by contacting us. We come to your property, evaluate the site, and discuss your future Home Studio in regards to your needs. Every Home Studio is designed with the [...]

One More Year to Save $17,000 on ADUs

HURRY! You only have 1 more year to save big on building an ADU The City of Portland has been pushing urban density in lieu of urban sprawl. Instead of taking over the farms, forests, and wildness that we Oregonians love, our city is going to grow denser. [...]

Electrical: What you need to know when it comes to ADUs and Home Studios

Electrical What you need to know when it comes to ADUs and Home Studios Here at SQFT Studios, we deal with a lot of electrical questions. When building an accessory structure, whether a Home Studio or ADU, the new accessory structure needs to have power. This can happen [...]

NOW BOOKING: Airbnb Cabin by SQFT Studios

NOW BOOKING! Airbnb Cabin by SQFT Studios A recent build of SQFT Studios is now live on Airbnb. We collaborated with Patrick, a local homeowner who wanted to share his little paradise with others visiting Portland. Situated in the quiet Concordia neighborhood, this unit is close to Alberta [...]

Design Week Portland